Monday, April 5, 2010

Hospital Stay

Ok, where do I start???
Well, Wednesday Mackenzie was admitted to the hospital for an abscess that was forming on her back. She had fever and had been on antibx at home, so they thought she needed to be admitted for IV antibx and possible surgery to drain it. Through the week, she progressively got worse. Fevers continued and the abscess grew bigger and bigger despite the antibx. Then, a few days after being there, they discovered that the culture that was done of the abscess was resistant to the antibx she was they switched them and I also was able to drain a lot of the pus out one night after a hot bath!!! The next day (Friday), she was doing better. Fevers were going down and she was finally starting to eat and drink again!!! Yay, road to recovery, or so we thought. Saturday evening, she was in the "treatment room" with another nurse and myself to get a new IV placed....she decided to have a seizure!!! Very scary thing to watch as a mother. The neurologist has told me that she could possibly have seizures due to the PVL (periventricular leukomalacia) in her brain....but I thought "she has come this far" and thought we were in the clear. So I am waiting on what the neurologist says about the seizure...hopefully we will just have to watch her and keep track before we start her on meds.
Anyway, as of now, she is doing great. Dr Sue drained the abscess today at the bedside (Mackenzie was sedated) and so hopefully she will not need the surgery. The plan right now is to have labs drawn in the morning and if those look good and neurology clears us.....WE ARE OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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